Thank you to everyone who participated. There were over 400 people who shared their thoughts about this incredible city we call home!

And, heartfelt thanks go to so many people. The Core Team: Nels and Susan Westman, Gayle Ortiz, Rich Didday, Mick Routh, Katharine Parker, Steven Woodside, Jacques Bertrand and Sam Storey.

Our team walkers and those who helped with the workshops: Ron Burke, David Kraemer, Kim Hogan, Teresa Green, Amie Forest, Karl Forest, Teal Forest, Matt Arthur, Jill Arthur, Will O’Sullivan, Ed Ortega, Niels Kisling, Molly Ording, Laurie Hill, Bruce Arthur, Dory Arthur, Vince Barabba, Lisa Steingrube, Leilani Williams, Keith Cahalen, MaryBeth Cahalen, Helen Bryce, Elizabeth Stearns, Jacques Hespel, and Christine McBroom. The City Council, city staff…especially Rich Grunow and the Recreation Department were very generous with their time and expertise. Thank you all!

—Gayle T Ortiz
  • Workshop #1

    Was held on Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    “Tell us what you think”

    Gayle moderating
  • Workshop #2

    Was held on Wednesday, April 27, 2016


    Stay tuned to this website for the final report, May 6th!

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