Vision Capitola

Vision Capitola is the inspiration of Gayle Ortiz who felt that it’s always a good time for our community to come together and discuss what citizens value about Capitola and want to see happen in the next 5 to 15 years. A small group including Gayle, Mick Routh, Sam Storey, Steven Woodside, Susan and Nels Westman, Katharine Parker, and Rich Didday has worked to create the process.

This is a grassroots, volunteer project. It is meant to be a positive experience, focusing on future goals and visions rather than individual problems of the past.

The workshops will be conducted by Gayle, the Vision Capitola team, and a group of Capitola residents. The primary goal is to open lines of communications with as many Capitolans as possible to get the clearest picture of what we want for our City.

There will be two public workshops on Wednesday, April 20 and 27 at the Jade Street Community Center, 4400 Jade Street, Capitola.

During Workshop #1 we will listen to and record the thoughts of everyone who wishes to contribute. Email and written input is equally welcome from those who are unable to attend the workshop. It will all become part of the record. After workshop #1 the team will sort, tally and record the information and prepare a summary of the values expressed.

During Workshop #2 we will talk about which values the community holds in highest regard and what the community’s highest priorities are during the next 5 to 15 years. We will use the recently updated Capitola General Plan to help guide that discussion. When completed, we will present our report to the City Council to use as they wish. Our hope is that it will be a positive tool for them in their work on behalf of their constituents.

Please help us build our community!

For Vision Capitola to be successful, we need the participation of as many members of the community as possible. Click here to see how you can participate!

¿Questions? Click here to send an email to info@visioncapitola.com

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