Ways you can participate in guiding Capitola's future

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There are a number of ways to stay informed and involved in your city government processes.

You can email the City Clerk, Sue Sneddon, and request that your email address be included in the distribution of City Council and Planning Commission meeting agendas. Her email address is ssneddon@ci.capitola.ca.us

Near the beginning of every City Council and Planning Commission meeting, there is an item called “Public Comments”. You are invited to address the Council or the Planning Commission on any subject that is not already on the agenda for that meeting. If you wish to address them regarding an item on the agenda, there will be an opportunity for you to do so when that item comes up during the meeting.

You also have the option of emailing the City Council at their group address citycouncil@ci.capitola.ca.us or individually. You will find their individual email addresses on the City’s website www.cityofcapitola.org You can also email the entire Planning Commission using the group address planningcommission@ci.capitola.ca.us. Using these group email addresses is very convenient if you wish to express your opinion about items on meeting agendas but are unable to attend the meeting.

There is also a resident’s association which undertakes to serve as a conduit of information between residents and city hall. Members regularly attend Council meetings and review agendas in order to watch for items that could have a significant impact on residents. This group is called the Capitola Village Residents Association or CVRA. While its original focus is on the residents of the five traditional neighborhoods immediately surrounding Capitola Village, residents and property owners throughout Capitola are welcome to join the email list. Membership is free and the email list is treated as confidential. Their website is www.capitolacvra.org. Click here to send an email to capitolacvra@gmail.com to sign up to be on the email list.

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